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Donna Mahoney owner of the Yoga Loft Green Bay WI and Dragonfly Yoga Retreats sitting on a beach with women doing breathwork
Donna Mahoney owner of the Yoga Loft Green Bay WI and Dragonfly Yoga Retreats doing a yoga pose in a tunnel in italy
Donna Mahoney owner of the Yoga Loft Green Bay WI and Dragonfly Yoga Retreats doing a yoga pose on a rock formation sedona arizona

follow your soul

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Imagine your days filled with yoga, nature, mindful moments, and connections with like-hearted women. A chance to deepen, come back to or start your yoga and meditation practice through Vinyasa, Slow Flow, Yin Yoga, Restorative classes and guided meditation.

There is nothing like a yoga retreat to escape the mundane for much-needed solace. Ceremonial gatherings, journaling workshops, exploration, daily yoga classes, meditation, and nutritious meals.


upcoming retreats

Spend a week with Dragonfly Yoga Retreats and leave feeling grounded, renewed, and inspired. Break away from the daily hustle with a yoga and adventure retreat in gorgeous, breathtaking locations across our beautiful earth.


We are here to plan destinations that will nourish your mind, body, and soul. Let your intuition pick your retreat, book your ticket, and we will do the rest. Let the magic begin.

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Image by Jimmy Conover


OCTOBER 25-29, 2023

Photo Courtesy of Playa Viva by Steve Shea.JPG


JANUARY 13-19, 2024


what clients are saying

shanna testimonial for dragonfly yoga retreats

"I went for a retreat and time away and came back a grounded, focused, and open person. It was an experience that I didn't know that I needed. I'm grateful."


sara testimonial for dragonfly yoga retreats

"My intention for attending this retreat was to press the reset button. meeting the beautiful group of like-minded women, the beautiful yoga practices, the amazing food, the hospitality of the owners and staff, the beautiful weather and the time spent out on the water really made this a very unique and special week."


cassidy testimonial for dragonfly yoga retreats

"I had such a fulfilling experience in all aspects: friendship, personal growth and adventure."


Donna Mahoney owner of dragonfly yoga retreats

I'm Donna

hey there

For over five years I have been creating opportunities for women to truly “retreat” – whether it’s an evening, a long weekend, or even for a week – so that we can have conversations that we’re not typically having in a place that inspires us to be more fully rooted in who we are.


In the business of our everyday life, it is difficult to hear, feel, and connect to what your soul knows to be true. Retreats allow your heart and mind to connect in a way that you may have never experienced before so that when you leave you feel grounded, connected, and guided - mind, body, and soul.


My retreats vary in theme and location but all of them are filled with my passion for incredible locations that inspire, offer a sense of playfulness, relaxation, and adventure, and are sprinkled with doses of introspection, lighthearted presence, and a deep sense of connection between participants and most importantly, within.


It is my knowing that we are all divinely created as perfect beings. Nothing about my retreats will endeavor you to change; rather, the experience may bring you to a place of deeper appreciation of who you already are, remembering what energizes you, and calling back the parts of you that you feel disconnected from.


Past participants remark that they leave feeling rejuvenated, have formed new lifelong friendships, feel lighter and more aligned in their decisions, and have more clarity around what feels right for them.


Why a yoga




Scheduled daily yoga practices are perfect for creating healthy habits. Dragonfly Yoga Retreats offer a variety of styles, allowing you to find what style you most feel connected to.



A yoga retreat offers time to unplug from the things that feel heavy; social media,work, technology, or daily commitments. Having time to press pause and remove those distractions gives time to be present with yourself and others.



Adding movement creates space in your body and intentional breath creates space between your thoughts. In this space you have created you might hear what your heart longs for, feel inspired and a renewed sense of purpose may magically weave into your soul.

Retreats provide a space where you can practice yoga on and off the mat, feel encouraged and supported in being your true authentic self and melt into relaxation surrounded by the healing energy of Mother Nature. A break in routine can offer peace and clarity, giving you the courage to make changes that are in line with your dreams and intentions.

Leaves Shadows



Dragonfly Yoga Retreats offers a range of practices from Vinyasa, Slow Flow, Gentle & Restorative, Yin Yoga or Restorative. Practice will vary each day. We encourage everyone to honor their body and practice.



Our community comes from all over- first time retreaters to those called to come back. We might initially gather as strangers but through mindful sharing, conversations at dinner, and bonding during adventures friendships grow. Creating a space where everyone feels welcome, no matter where we are, is important to Dragonfly Yoga Retreats.



From celebrating each sunrise and honoring every sunset, we curate a schedule that supports you having the time to restore balance within.



With deep love and respect for our beautiful planet and the amazing destinations Mother Nature provides, being the ultimate host, it is important we offset our carbon footprint. For every guest that joins a Dragonfly Yoga Retreat, I will donate two trees to be a part of a reforestation project. I had the gift of volunteering at Community Carbon Trees in Costa Rica. The work Jenny and her team does is critical to our ecosystem and helping slowly but steadily create beautiful forests is a team effort, near and far.



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