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I began my yoga practice more than 18 years ago. As a busy mother, wife, and career woman, my hour of yoga practice several times a week at my local YMCA was the respite and self-care I deeply craved. It was a magical hour to calm my mind, move my body and connect with something greater than myself. I completely fell in love with yoga and I dreamed of teaching yoga and owning a studio as part of my retirement plan. In 2017, my dreams fast tracked and soon I found myself immersed in yoga training. I trusted the signs the universe sent my way and, in my intuition, and a decade sooner than I thought possible, with great love and dedication, I opened my own studio, The Yoga Loft, in Howard, WI in January 2018 and a second studio in Suamico in November 2021. I am RYT 200 and began teaching vinyasa, restorative, and yin and now have over 1000 teaching hours that includes studio classes, private sessions, community practice, workshops and more.


I continue to grow and learn about mind, body and soul healing. Through the years I have been on a personal self-healing journey and through modalities like sound healing and reiki I was able to deeply heal myself. In turn, I feel part of my purpose is to create a safe space where the community gathers on their own personal healing journey through their yoga practice.


With a certificate in mindfulness and as a Master Reiki Practitioner, I channel healing energy, combined with my empathic abilities, and experience from my own journey and experience as a Yoga Instructor to help others on their journey. I am passionate about creating a sacred space combining spirituality, softness, strength, and loving acceptance, to tap into our innate healing power and allow individuals to transform into a version of themselves that embodies their highest truth. Channeling loving and healing energy, allowing you to be seen, safe and never judged. Intuitively I may incorporate Tibetan or Crystal singing bowls, and oracle card readings to my offerings.  


I currently reside in Suamico, WI with my amazingly supportive husband of over 30 years, Tim. We have 2 grown children (Jordan & Taylor), a daughter-in-law (Bridgett) and a handsome new grandson. I work full time running and managing both studio locations, teaching studio classes, working with my reiki clients and supporting the community. My hobbies include traveling with my husband and our family, gardening, and being creative.


Creativity, movement of the body, physical and energetically, learning, and connection to nature are of the utmost importance to me, all of which I incorporate into my yoga classes and reiki sessions. I believe we are always growing and learning about ourselves and the world around us and that we must take the time to find what makes our heart sing, our mind quiet and soul soar, living our authentic life.

Donna Mahoney owner of the Yoga Loft at the Howard studio in Green Bay WI and Dragonfly Yoga Retreats



721 Cardinal Lane Ste 203
Green Bay WI 54313

Donna Mahoney owner of the Yoga Loft Suamico studio Green Bay WI and Dragonfly Yoga Retreats



2490 Lineville Road Ste D
Green Bay WI 54313



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Donna Mahoney owner of the Yoga Loft Green Bay WI and Dragonfly Yoga Retreats doing a reiki session


I am a trained Reiki master and work to open, align and balance the flow of energy through the various meridians and Chakras to allow the natural self-healing processes of the body to restore health and create deep relaxation. Your session begins with a few moments of mindful breathing to help quiet the mind and bring you into the here, now. 

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